1 Day Tour-Kumamoto

Welcome to our 1 day tour!

Kumamoto is a prefecture well known as its beautiful castle and Aso’s great nature. Kumamoto was attacked by the big earth quake but people here take hands together and recovering from the disaster. Come join this tour and feel the Kuamoto Samurai spirit!

[Plan 1:1D-Kumamoto1]



[Plan 2 :1D-Aso1]


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1 Day Tour-FUKUOKA

1 Day Tour-Oita


  1. 1126 SPECIAL AUTUMN TOUR 2019!!

  2. 1101 Saga Balloon Festa


  3. 5 nights in Kyushu

  4. 3 nights in Kyushu

  5. 1215 SPECIAL WINTER TOUR 2019!!

  6. 0730Attractive Kyushu

  7. 5 nights Golf

    Enjoy your leisureThe fare only includ…

  8. 0821 SPECIAL SUMMER TOUR 2019!!


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